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Members are featured on an exclusive basis by jurisdiction and field of expertise. Thus ensuring you can source the most skilled adviser to meet your requirements.

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IR is revolutionising the professional service sector. With over 800 vetted member firms in over 150 jurisdictions, it is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses.

This is not your average group of advisers, the IR network only partners with the world’s most creative legal and financial minds. Members who are not just content to be part of the industry but lead through innovation.

Above all else; we are proud to hold the highest ethical standards. Each member is carefully vetted on their firm's expertise and experience. Uniquely, we also find it equally important to ask on an individual basis, what their motivations are and why they do what they do.

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Dennis Brager - International Referral

Streamlined Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program: Avoiding Aggressive Enforcement Regime and Significant Penalties - Brager Tax Law Group

Dennis Brager - 22nd May, 2015

Calum  McKenzie  - International Referral

BVI introduces ‘Incubator’ and ‘Approved’ Funds products - Folio Corporate Services Limited

Calum McKenzie - 21st May, 2015

Manolis Eglezos  - International Referral

Ship management: Powers and Binding effect - Manolis Eglezos & Associates

Manolis Eglezos - 21st May, 2015

Stefan Nerinckx - International Referral

Employment & Benefits Brussels - Agenda of Client Events - Field Fisher LLP

Stefan Nerinckx - 20th May, 2015

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2014 IR Anual Conference

On The Road - IR Shanghai 2015 Past, Present & Future This year's On The Road theme is ‘Past, Present & Future’. The hotel is based in the old town of Shanghai and itself steeped in history and we will learn about China’s rise to global prominence.